Problems with this website

So, you just wanted to explore the art project Sphere 12/16, but the website encountered problems with your computer? Well, that’s too bad...

Have you noticed a yellow information bar above the window frame where the website appears? If yes, you should click on it and allow the scripts/ActiveX components for this website. Otherwise, the site won’t work.

Still problems? Let’s see what we can do. First, you should check if you use an up-to-date browser which is compatible with this website. This would be

  • on a Windows PC:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.6+
    • Opera
    • Google Chrome
  • on an Apple Mac with OS X:
    • Safari 5.0
    • Mozilla Firefox

Please note: = incompatible, = not tested, = works fine.

Use a suitable browser and try again.

If the problems still appear, try to activate JavaScript in your browser’s preferences settings. Mostly, JavaScript is turned on by default. However, due to some system settings, it might be turned off on your computer. As this website absolutely needs JavaScripts for proper functionality, make sure to have turned it on.

Generally, please avoid using your browser’s “Refresh” button when browsing this website. When navigating, only use the website’s integrated menu bar.